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Format info:

All films are in DVD-R format, color system is the European PAL system. That means that if you are in USA, Japan or any other place that use the NTSC color system then you probably can´t watch our DVD-R films on your DVD-player + TV setup. You should however be able to play our DVD-R discs on your computer by using your computers DVD-R station.

Ordering info:

Ordering: Please send your order by e-mail: and please write "dvd order" in the e-mail subject. We will then e-mail you back with the payment information.

Payment options: Cash in envelope, Wire/Bank transfer, various instant online payment systems. Please e-mail us for detailed payment options!

Shipping & handling costs per DVD: 2 eur in Finland, 3 eur in EU, 4 eur outside of EU.

Shipping: All films will be sent discreetly in plain brown softbag-envelopes. Each film will be sent separately as a normal air mail letter.

All prices are in EUR 1 EUR is now equal to 1.50 USD, the exchange rate is however changing daily!




NEW FILMS February 2010:

4 new Chillygirls films

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